Experience a Lifetime of Memories


To check out the photos from the Tribute to Bob Hoover, please go to http://aviationphoto.org/tribute-to-bob-hoover. If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Poberezny at lesley@ellesomar.com.



Few have maintained a level of aviation excellence that spans more than 60 years, but say “Hoover” and thousands will smile, acknowledging that well-known, iconic name.  But few understand the depth and breadth of his contributions, ranging from test pilot, airshow performer, and statesman to WWII POW, mentor, and teacher.

Jimmy Doolittle once said that Bob Hoover was the best “stick and rudder man he has ever seen”… high praise from an aviation icon who has observed the best of the best.  Bob has combined those outstanding skills with an ability to communicate that has allowed him to mentor and teach all of us the importance of high standards, professionalism, and commitment.

Join the aviation world in Los Angeles as we celebrate Bob’s legacy in a series of special event on February 21, 2014 that will be exciting, emotional, and inspirational.  Leaders, celebrities, and aviation icons will gather to recognize an aviation great.  The Tribute Event will be held at the historic Paramount Studios Theater, with dinner under the iconic Paramount gate.

Bob has earned the respect of the entire the aviation community.  We have all benefited from Bob’s generosity and contributions.  Now you can “Thank” him for his leadership, friendship, and a standard of excellence that will inspire people well into the future.